Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's new Pussy Cat?

Do ever wish that you could just fly away? I wish I could. To escape all the aspects of everyday life would be like a blessing to me right now. On an up note. My writing has essentially started to take off. So I haven't been able to write on here as much. It seems like 6 months ago I was a nobody. I was sitting on my couch watching the emmy's, watching mad men sweep the awards of the night. The I paid close attention to the acceptance speech from Jeff Probst. He said: To all of you dreamers out there, never give up on your dreams, don't ever tell yourself you can't do it because you can. His speech left me floored. You see, everyone in the entertainment industry was at one point a dreamer. They wanted something, and worked their ass of to get it. You have to have respect for that, right?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So my grandparents are so damn cute. Why can't their be decent men in America anymore. My grandfather once told me he knew he loved my grandmother from the moment he saw her. They've been married for nearly 60 years. That just doesn't happen anymore. It makes me upset that society has come to the im going to bunk up with this man for the time being until something better comes along and you never really open yourself up for love. Yes love makes you vulnerable and sometimes it's very painful. But isn't that how we learn?



Live your dreams people! Shoot for the stars! If you work at it long enough and hard enough anything is possible!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Write About Love

So Today I finished my Romantic comedy Script...Write About Love.. Working on Getting an Agent. I'm dying to get out of Niles. We are drowning here. The economy is wreaking havoc throughout the city. Some asshole told me a few days ago I would never succeed with what I'm doing. That I should just give up now because i'm wasting my time. You want to know the funny thing that same man has no job, still lives with his mother and doesn't have any real chance at life. You have to laugh about that. Right? I applied for a job as a script super. I have an interview Sat. The company doesn't seem legit no imdb credits for the producer or director.